When using propane to provide fuel for heating, cooking, providing warm water for bathing or generating power for operation of electrical equipment, detection of developing  gasses that could cause illness is a very important issue. Detectors come in a wide variety of forms, providing detection for one room or an entire home depending on the circumstances. Our number one goal is offering the home owner a method of detection that is reasonably priced, safe and effective. Be smart and be safe with a propane gas detector.

A recreation vehicle is a very confined space that generally uses propane for heating and cooking or running the generator. Having a propane gas detector for the RV could help save a life.

Propane is flammable when mixed with air (oxygen) and can be ignited by many sources, including open flames, smoking materials, electrical sparks, and static electricity. Homes that use propane are recommended to have a Propane Gas Detector for added safety and protection in the event of a propane leak.